How it Works

A powerful, cloud-based IoT platform built to monitor assets that move.

Accelerate the development of your application with a focus on building your apps, not your infrastructure. All in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost, with NSpire Platform-as-a-Service.

Manage every aspect of your assets.

Add, track, and manage your devices on a platform proven to deliver the data you need so you can focus on developing your product.

Telemetry processing in real-time

Monitor and track all your moving assets with a rich, vehicle-focused geolocation experience. Receive alerts on geofence enter/exit, speed, movement, and more.

Centralized admin interface

Managed all of your data in one interace. Add and manage your trackables, set up custom configurations, and oversee other account activities. View your usage details, manage users and permissions, and stay on top of billing information.

Data warehousing at scale

Through the power of Snowflake’s Data Sharing platform, you’ll have direct access to all of your enriched telemetry and asset details. Query your data with familiar SQL syntax, prep for Machine Learning use cases, and more.

Secure and reliable access

All external interfaces are protected and interacted with via JWT authorization. The NSpire platform offers rock-solid reliability, powering major brands like LoJack, GoldStar, and FleetLocate.

Designed for developers

Develop your solution with friendly REST interfaces and leverage the enriching features provided by the NSpire platform.

Inspired yet? Bring your ideas to life.

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