Use Cases

Endless points of connection. Endless possibilities.

Designed to keep you connected to your high-value assets, NSpire makes it faster than ever to develop applications to track and manage what matters to your business.

From connected cars to connected healthcare. From sustainable mining to smart agriculture.

The NSpire platform is ideal for a variety of applications like:

Connected Car

Provide real-time vehicle tracking and location alerts, stolen vehicle recovery, mileage and vehicle data tracking and analysis, predictive maintenance, and more. With NSpire, you can quickly build feature-rich applications to capture and analyze a wealth of vehicle information to maximize performance, improve quality and deliver a delightful connected driving experience to your customers​.

Transportation & Logistics

Operating efficient fleet and logistics requires continuous vehicle and driver tracking. NSpire enables real-time capture and analysis of asset location and other critical vehicle data, enabling organizations to protect their valuable assets, improve utilization, take immediate action on vehicle problems, monitor driver behavior, and more.

Industrial & Construction

Protecting and maximizing efficiency of high-value assets such as construction and industrial equipment can help deliver higher ROI and keep operations and projects on schedule. NSpire offers full-stack IoT development services to quickly connect, locate, and manage your asserts and accelerate ROI.

Connected Health Care

Access and availability of medical instruments and materials is vital to maximizing patient welfare and safety. NSpire provides real-time access to location and status of valuable assets and simplifies capturing the data you want without the complexities​.

Smart Agriculture

NSpire equips you with a rich set of APIs, streamlined data to build and utilize smart farming solutions for your customers to make informed decisions for productivity and operational improvements​.

The Platform in Action

NSpire is the platform for national brands connecting millions of users. See how brands like LoJack and FleetLocate rely on the PaaS to deliver their awarding winning products.

LoJack® modernizes dealer operations driving sales efficiency, increased profits, and customer retention.

LoJack is the industry-leading stolen vehicle recovery solution, but they deliver so much more. Because of the NSpire platform, LoJack has been able to help car dealers increase profits, reduce sale time, and keep their vehicles protected, while owners have all new ways to keep track of critical vehicle data like location and usage monitoring.


car dealers nationwide use LoJack to boost profits, manage their inventory and increase customer retention.


car owners use the LoJack app for service and recall reminders, scheduling appointments, and to recover their vehicle if stolen.

FleetLocate® delivers significant improvements in fleet utilization, productivity, and safety

FleetLocate, a fleet and trailer tracking solution, has helped fleet and trailer managers make the most of their vehicles and keep them safe and protected. NSpire enables FleetLocate to give customer access to vehicle or assets location and status information in addition to a number of different available sensors that provide detailed, customer-specific data to help them run their business and keep their assets working. NSpire allows FleetLocate to effortlessly track millions of assets and enable constant and ongoing innovations.


number of connected assets available in real-time in FleetLocate.

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